Define Normal



Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly- Morticia Addams (The Addams Family)


The oxford dictionary defines normal as conforming to a standard; usual, typical or expected.

For you this may be waking up in the morning, taking the children to school then going to work. The children may play sport on the weekends and you may enjoy outings to the theatre or sporting events. This will vary from what your next door neighbour does with their time and so forth. You see “normal” changes depending on who you talk to.

Why am I rambling on about this you ask?

because I want to introduce you to “my normal” …..

I’m a 27 year old young woman living in the Lockyer Valley in QLD, Australia. A circus performer and trainer who lives to help children and adults realise their potential and hidden talents through the magical world of circus.

Why circus?

because not so long ago I was a 14 year old with a dream. The seed was planted when I met the Ashton family, Australia’s oldest circus family. I would visit them when they were in a town nearby and soon began doing jobs such as taking tickets, learning to put up and pull down the big top and learning the fine art of performing.

I have the possibility of realising my potential because someone dared to give me a chance. Having gone from the outcast child to the teen with Aspergers who was too scared to explore the possibilities to what I am now, a young woman on a mission to help others like me.

I hope to inspire, you- the reader through this blog.






One thought on “Define Normal

  1. Well hello circus girl, good to see. You’ve done well with your break back into blogging, now let’s see those stories come in. 🙂

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