Why do we have to suffer?






Here is a little task for you:

Firstly open up the search page on your computer

Secondly type in the words aspergers suffering and hit enter

Numerous pages are brought up by this search, depicting that having aspergers is something that the people diagnosed “suffer” with.

Why do we have to suffer?

Aspergers is a life long diagnosis and effects different people in different ways.

Some of the things that aspies may find challenging:

  • communication
  • social skills
  • gross motor skills
  • making friends
  • emotion 

But why is it that so much light is placed on the so called negative side of things?

Why is the aspie often placed in a box, whether it be by themselves or by someone else?

Why do we have to suffer?

We don’t !

Focus on the positivity and the unique gifts that aspergers has given you, your loved one, your work colleague or the random person you meet on the train.

Some of the positives:

  • attention to detail, picking up on the small things that others may miss
  • a quirky sense of humour
  • loyalty
  • high level of knowledge in special interest areas
  • a thirst to gain new knowledge
  • focus
  • strong researcher
  • doe not like to leave projects incomplete
  • a good ear to lean on when you just want to talk
  • great memory and recall of information
  • persistence
  • internal motivation
  • desire to prove self

Just like everyone else, no two aspies are the same. When someone tells you they have aspergers don’t look at them like they have an incurable disease that can be caught. We don’t suffer from aspergers any more then you suffer for having blue eyes.

5 thoughts on “Why do we have to suffer?

  1. I agree, why does it have to be so negative, why does the focus have to be on “you suffer from” what about all the great things aspergers and autism has given you , love your thinkingx

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