Moving House

Moving house can be stressful for everyone however being an adult on the Autism Spectrum means a monumental change. Changes such as moving can add challenges, stress and anxiety.

This is my third move in 12 months so I am becoming quite good at it if I say so myself but … there are somethings I do every time to make every step of the way a little easier.

How are you moving?

Will you be playing the best tetris game of your life by cramming your belongings into every inch of your parent’s car, perhaps a friend’s vehicle or will you hire a truck or a professional moving person.

Don’t leave it till the last minute, ask your family member / friend and place it on their calendar or in their diary so they don’t forget or double book. If you need to hire a truck or moving person, ring and book at the earliest possible opportunity (and shop around for deals).

No you don’t need to take three Christmas trees

So what will you do with all the things you don’t need to take ?

Moving is a perfect opportunity to declutter and downsize. I was able to go through literally every item I owned and sorted it into three piles- keeping, throwing and op shop. We have a family storage unit and because I moving into a place that requires me to take own items such as dining items, cooking stuff etc I literally had to dig it out. We went through the storage unit and did a huge clean out.


Start packing as early as you can. Some days you only feel like doing a little bit and some days you really get into it. It doesn’t seem like such a big job if you spread it out.

Changing your address


Write a list of everywhere you need to notify of your new address such as necessary services eg.doctors, banks, family, friends, organisations that you are a member of, government services. Tick the list items off as you do these. If you change them just before you move (a week) you won’t need to pay for mail re- direction.

Make a first few days kit

Nothing like moving and you are struggling to find a clothing item or your toothbrush. If you put a few days clothes, toiletries, a towel, medication and anything else you may need in one box or bag then it makes the transition a little easier.

Where’s the closest shopping centre

The last thing you want to do when you arrive is spend hours trying to work out where you can buy a loaf of bread. It can become very overwhelming very quickly. Once you know where you are moving you can use google to locate shopping centres, pharmacies and a coffee shop for when you may need that caffeine hit.

Fill out forms

If you are anything like me, you hate filling out paperwork which is one of those necessary evils. There are some documents that you are required to physically print and sign such as rental documents. If you need certified copies of documents take them to a local JP all together and have them certified, this will save stress and constant running around.

Look around your new environment

If feasible, travel to your new house and go for a walk. Familiarising yourself with places such as bus stops, train stations etc will make it easier to transition once you move there.

If in doubt ask questions !

Emails are great for this. If you need to clarify information or ask any question no matter how small, do so. This will make settling into your new place easier (especially if it is student accommodation).

Join Facebook Groups

Becoming a member of groups such as those relating to your new local community, your university or sporting clubs allows you to meet others who are also participating in those activities. You will have a sense of familiarity once you meet them in person.

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