Bye 2020!

Well, 2020 was an interesting year to say the least!

In January I travelled to Melbourne. Little did I know this would be my last trip for a little while. While in Melbourne, I caught up with friends and saw Come From Away, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. As many will know, I am rather fond of my theatre. I was able to continue writing my Theatre People column and took over the role of editing, organising and formatting it this year. The column celebrated 200 editions in December!

With my friend Katrina after seeing her perform in Come From Away.

Later that month, I travelled to Northern NSW for Autism Camp Australia’s inaugural camp for autistic children and their families. During this time I ran into my cousin Rebecca who happened to be staying at the same campsite as me.

Rebecca and I
With the team at Autism Camp Australia

I worked FOH (Front of House) for the Savoyard’s production of Into the Woods. Savoyards is a theatre company based in Brisbane. I have done a few shows with them and very much enjoy it. I have met many new friends there.

During covid closures, I celebrated my birthday by sharing cake with my house mates. A few friends delivered lovely gifts to my house which was beautiful. It was a different experience but lovely and peaceful.

My Birthday Cake

I worked hard as a first year Teacher Aide, working at numerous schools around me. For now, I am doing relief work which turned out to suit my lifestyle quite well. Together with Autism Camps in the holidays and Teacher Aide work, I work as a Tutor for a company called Autism Goals. I am learning a lot about advocacy in the school environment as well. During the first part of the year, I worked as UOW as a Tutor, unfortunately due to budget cuts, this work didn’t continue during the second part of the year.

I am still actively involved in the circus community and teach when extra hands are needed on the Gold Coast at a Circus School run by Dr Kristy Seymour, a University Lecturer and Academic who wrote her PhD on Circus Training for Autistic Children: Difference, Creativity, and Community.

At Circus School

I have continued my volunteering at QAGOMA and thoroughly enjoy it! I work with the learning and education teams once a week, assisting with creating spreadsheets, databases and assisting with the Low Sensory event planning. It has been a pleasure to have so many amazing mentors and friends in my life.

Low Sensory Day signage

The AFL Grand Final was held in Brisbane for the first time ever, dad and I were lucky to get tickets. We were very close to the action on the evening. Dad slept over my house that evening and we went for breakfast at a cafe near me the next morning. We will have life long, happy memories.

Dad and I at the AFL Grand Final

My education is going well. I completed my Certificate IV in Education Support in 2019 but due to everything going on, the ceremony was postponed to December 2020. I was presented with the Outstanding Student Award on the evening. Currently, I am completing my Master of Autism degree through UOW. If all goes well, I will finish at the end of 2021. During my first semester, my two subjects were research focused which was fairly new to me. I enjoyed learning and finished with two overall distinctions.

Textbook Overload!

The theatre industry has been challenged during this time with shows closing down. The theatres have only started re-opening and restrictions are in place. This is the same for the circus community, many have set their big tops up on their property so that they can continue training which is necessary to retain strength and prepare for life on the road again. I have been working on my plate spinning skills and I can’t wait to show you!

Lastly, I have enjoyed spending time with my mum, dad, brother, sister in law and niece. I look forward to many more adventures soon, stay tuned!

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